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Dear Friends of the Ruhr Piano Festival,

With utter conviction, the Association of Friends and Promoters of the Ruhr Piano Festival proudly supports the Ruhr Piano Festival’s educational youth programs and its effective promotion of young pianists’ careers. We have committed ourselves on several important fronts, including the joint project Little Piano School and KlavierGarten, offering sessions that introduce preschool children to music. We also support the Discovery Projects, a series of imaginative schoolyear activities in primary and special schools designed to integrate pupils from the most diverse social backgrounds. And we also find it important to give talented young artists’ careers an extra boost by featuring them on portrait CD’s in our series Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr. Such targeted promotion has represented a successful, important step in the trajectories of pianists such as Alice Sara Ott and Olga Scheps, who are now pursuing major worldwide careers. And, as one of the shareholders in the firm Klavier-Festival Ruhr Sponsoring und Service GmbH, our association likewise makes another essential contribution to the Ruhr Piano Festival’s ongoing success. As President of the Association of Friends and Promoters of the Ruhr Piano Festival, I hope I have kindled your enthusiasm for our projects, and count on welcoming you as a new member in our association of benefactors and helpers. You can contact me by writing an e-mail to the following address: freunde@klavierfestival.de.

The Association of Friends and Promoters of the Ruhr Piano Festival was founded in December 2005 with the particular aim of supporting the Festival in its Education Program. That highly innovative series of projects has now proven its worth for oven seven years: not only in Discovery Projects which take place throughout the entire year in elementary and secondary schools, but also in the KlavierGarten, a “spin-off” of the renowned Little Piano School with particular emphasis on kindergarten sessions. The Association of Friends and Promoters is thus actively supporting early education in the arts, with a durable benefit to society. A total of almost 300 children in over 45 groups are being introduced to music twice weekly in 14 participating kindergartens in the cities of Gladbeck, Bottrop and Dorsten. In March 2013 the fourth generation of specialized Little Piano School teachers already began training. Furthermore, the Association of Friends and Promoters has supported this project by purchasing 18 pianos. A total of 17 teachers are currently applying this outstanding method of pre-school artistic education throughout North Rhine Westphalia. And the Association is financing social resource funds in several kindergartens to allow children from all types of socio-economic backgrounds to attend the KlavierGarten sessions. 

The Association of Friends and Promoters also supports young pianists’ careers through its financial participation in CD productions, released in the series of Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr boxed sets. 

These are just some of the examples of the Ruhr Piano Festival’s far-reaching Education Program. By becoming a member, you are making a lasting contribution to the Festival’s educational projects. And you are proving your allegiance to the Festival by using this occasion to offer active support. You are helping ensure a stable financial future for the Festival, you are making a concrete contribution to young pianists’ careers and to a series of valuable educational projects involving children and youngsters. Of course you also enjoy a series of advantages, for example: 

  • Exclusive, privileged access to advanced orders for concert tickets (in limited amounts) before they officially go on sale; 
  • Invitations to special events, for instance within the framework of our Education Program; 
  • As a new member, you receive an “Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr” boxed set of CDs as an introductory gift;
  • And whenever you successfully help us recruit new members, we offer you two honorary concert tickets as a bonus.

Starting with a minimum contribution of only € 50.00 per annum, we can welcome you as a new member of the Association of Friends and Promoters. If you would like to express your enthusiasm for the Ruhr Piano Festival in a concrete way by supporting its activities, please feel free to contact the Association office: 

Tel. + 49 (0)201 – 89 66 80 
or via e-mail: 

Our bank account details: IBAN: DE 9336 0200 3000 0111 4255

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