Chairman of the Ruhr Piano Festival Advisory Board

Continuous commitment is a virtue the NATIONAL-BANK holds in particular esteem, particularly in times of upheaval. Thus, six years ago, on the occasion of its own 90th anniversary, our bank laid one of the cornerstones of the new Ruhr Piano Festival Foundation by becoming one of its core founders, thereby confirming and extending our financial commitment from previous years.

For the same reason, the NATIONAL-BANK took the decision in 2015 to become the Festival’s Main Sponsor for that year, in order to supplement the funds provided by its General Sponsor, the Circle of Ruhr Initiatives. Thankfully “Duisport”, the Duisburg Port Authority holding, has now followed that example and assumed the role of Festival Main Sponsor for 2016. Only by working together on a continuous basis can we ensure that this cultural model project will continue to serve as a flagship for our region far beyond its borders.

If you would also like to start supporting our shared venture – a marvelous annual musical event exclusively supported by private initiative – we invite you to become a donor member of our Silver Circle. You can contact us at

My heartfelt thanks in advance.