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Das Festival Über uns Patron

Dear visitors and music lovers,

Imagine what it would be like if each music instrument was a certain type of person. Would the piano perhaps seem like a 19th-century gentleman in a frock coat and a top hat? Still, in spite of its shiny black elegance, the piano is not a stuffy member of the elder nobility. It has always remained young at heart. We need look for no further proof than by noting which instruments children prefer to learn. Pianos are still their first choice, far ahead of the guitar or the violin, as one can tell from the great number of pupils enrolled in piano at public music schools. Their number is increasing: 160,000 in Germany alone! This is despite the fact that pianos don’t have Internet connections. Whoever sits down at a piano keyboard is deliberately choosing to immerse him/herself in a fully analogue world. Even the electric piano doesn’t change that. As far as today’s youth is concerned, traditional pianos are still their first instrument of choice. 

Further evidence of the piano’s popularity can be found in sales figures: over 15,000 grand or Pianos are the epitome of house music: they find their way into our living rooms, they snuggle into the midst of family life. The piano is like our next-door neighbor, our best friend: someone who might be too loud at times, someone who likes to occupy the center of attention, but whom we are always glad to welcome. The piano is the instrument closest to our hearts. This is proven year after year by the Ruhr Piano Festival. Countless music lovers have been attending its concerts over the past three decades, displaying full-hearted support for “their” instrument. This is all made possible because Festival artists and the organizational team headed by Professor Franz Xaver Ohnesorg inject the annual event with their lifeblood. Numerous sponsors and partners, friends and supporters of the Festival show longterm commitment, thereby highlighting how important this venerable cultural annual event has become to them. For all of these dedicated people, the Ruhr Piano Festival is an affair of the heart. 

This holds particularly true for the RWE AG, which will be supporting the Piano Festival in 2019 as its main sponsor. We will specifically organize our own recital with piano legend Krystian Zimerman on 10 May 2019 in the Essen Philharmonie. For me it is a great honor and a matter of great significance to assume the patronage of the 2019 Ruhr Piano Festival. Like many other concertgoers, I will be listening closely to the virtuoso piano artistry of these high-ranking artists and promising young talents. 

You, dear music lovers, will certainly be present with all of your hearts, and so will we all. I am looking forward to sharing these thrilling musical experiences with you!

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© 2019 Stiftung Klavier-Festival Ruhr
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45128 Essen